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Like many fans of history and pop culture, Mercedes King has had a life-long admiration for the Kennedys, as well as an interest in conspiracy theories. With a B.A. in Criminology from Capital University and a passion for writing, she meshed her skills to create a story that blended fact with fiction. A founding member of Sisters in Crime Columbus, Ohio, she writes in a variety of genres and is currently at work on her next book.

To contact Mercedes please email her at: mercedes (at) ojackiebook (dot) com.
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Here are common questions readers often ask about O! Jackie .

    Where did you get the idea for this book?
    Considering that I wrote O! Jackie several years ago, I can't say exactly what triggered the premise,
    but I remember waking up from a dream one January morning with a disturbing thought: What if
    Jackie Kennedy killed Marilyn Monroe?
That jolted me out of bed--and I am not a morning person.
    At first I didn't know what to do with such an outlandish idea. I played around, did some research,
    scribbled notes for a few weeks, but I didn't know if I had a viable story. I worked out a few scenes
    but still didn't think there was enough to write a book. Then, I was out with friends one evening and
    just casually mentioned my what-if scenario to them. Their eyes popped! They said they would LOVE
    to read that story. At that moment, I knew I had to get serious with my research and see if I really
    could revive Camelot and that Kennedy mystique--and believably create a story where a former
    first lady--the most beloved former first lady of our time--had done the unthinkable. It took some
    doing, but eventually, O! Jackie was born. 

    How much of the story is true? 

     Keep in mind O! Jackie is a novel, 'not true' by definition. However, I styled the story after many of 
    the Kennedys' real-life events. As most people know, JFK's PT-109 incident, the Bay of Pigs, J. Edgar
    Hoover's 'secret files', and JFK's rampant infidelities are all true. Most heartbreaking for me was 
    discovering the details of Arabella's story. She was the Kennedy's stillborn daughter. People have 
    commented that it couldn't possibly be true that JFK did not return from his vacation on the French
    Riviera to be with Jackie, but sadly, it's true. Of course, times were different in 1956: travel wasn't as
    swift, men didn't always hold their wife's hand during childbirth, and so forth. Even so, the tragedy
    had to be more painful for Jackie without her husband there to grieve with her. There are plenty of 
    surprisingly-true elements in the book, but to list them all would spoil part of the reading experience.
    What turned out to be fascinating with O! Jackie is that readers have a hard time distinguishing truth
    from half-truths from fabrications. Amazingly, it all worked out. 

    How did you research the Kennedys for this book?
    It's a long-winded answer. Books, documentaries, TV specials, home movie footage, blogs, articles,
    YouTube videos, you-name-it, all played a part in making O! Jackie come together. My intention was
    to remain faithful to the public persona of each of the book's 'characters' (since we're talking fiction)
    and to capture their spirits. I think what readers enjoy in this story is going behind the scenes and
    behind closed--or sometimes locked--doors to see what they may have been doing / arguing about /
    worrying about, etc. when the cameras weren't there. When it comes to Jackie Kennedy, part of the
    public's fascination with her is the fact that she kept silent on most private matters. Silent. It's hard to
    imagine in an age where people often air their dirty laundry on social media, then do damage control
    later. O! Jackie gives a possible glimpse into Jackie's innermost thoughts, especially as she wrestles
    with insecurities, self-doubt, and a randy husband. 

    Are you writing a sequel to O! Jackie?

    No. This wasn't a story I viewed as a triology, which seems to be a trend in storytelling today. I 
    wanted to create a jaw-dropping tale, do justice to the history and the characters (yes, some pun
    intended there), and hopefully craft an experience that readers couldn't find in just any book about 
    the Kennedys. That's a high expectation for one book, and I don't believe that you can churn out that
    kind of 'magic' just because you want to. Something unique has to be there, egging you on. So no
    plans, nothing in the works...but I would never say never. In the meantime, if you'd like to read more
    about the Kennedys, visit The Kennedy Chronicles tab. The Kennedy Chronicles are short stories that
    focus on the Kennedy family.

    What format is O! Jackie available in?

    You may purchase O! Jackie in Paperback / for Kindle  . Thank you! If you're interested
    in becoming a fan of the book, feel free to follow the journey on Twitter (@ojackiebook) and become
    a fan on the Facebook page. Also, authors take it as a huge compliment when you write reviews 
    and share your reading experience on Amazon and Goodreads. Again, thanks.

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