O! Jackie


The Kennedy Chronicles

    Can't get enough of the Kennedys? Then you've come to the right place to feed your 
Kennedy addiction. At least your literary addiction. Welcome to The Kennedy Chronicles, a
series of short stories designed to take you back in time, before Camelot and before JFK and
Jackie were married. Check back often for new releases, and stay in touch through Facebook
(via Mercedes King or the O Jackie page) and Twitter. You won't want to miss a moment.

The first story, "Encounter," takes a peek at the first time John F. Kennedy met the lovely 
Miss Bouvier. 


View, Read, or Download "Encounter" HERE.

You're invited to the party! "Party Favors" revisits the dinner party where JFK and Jackie were formally introduced to each other by mutual friends. 

 Get "Party Favors" HERE.

The drama continues in "Before the Proposal," as both JFK and Jackie wrestle with doubts conerning their relationship. Find out what sacrifices they have to make.

Get "Before the Proposal" HERE.
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